Quick Guide to Downtown Anchorage

As the largest city in Alaska, Anchorage has a lot of beauty to offer. One gorgeous perk is you can be in the middle of downtown but still get to a calming picturesque scene just by walking. In this quick guide I’ll give you my top recommendations for visiting Downtown Anchorage, Alaska.



Any trip I do doesn’t officially start until I’ve had something for breakfast. When looking for a local favorite, Snow City Cafe is a wonderful option. If you watch my YouTube channel you’ll know that I’ve reviewed them before. As they are a local favorite and open early they can get busy at times. If you’re more of a brunch person, locals have gotten excited over the brunch options that Tent City Taphouse offers. 


For lunch I like to keep things casual. Especially on a beautiful day, head over to 49th State Brewery. They have local menu options and an outdoor patio that also serves pretty views. 


Glacier Brewhouse is another local favorite. Make a reservation in advance if you want to dine here. They are a good option for local seafood. If you’re more of a steak person then visit Sullivan’s Steakhouse.

Sweet Treats

Wild Scoops is a local microcreamery that uses local Alaskan ingredients.


If you’re interested in local history and art, go to the Anchorage Museum. Although to learn more about Native Alaskans I do suggest the Native Heritage Center but it isn’t located in downtown Anchorage.

The Anchorage Trolley Tours is a must do for getting a lot of Anchorage’s history in an hour. I’m a local and have done it three different times. Each time I’ve learned something new about Anchorage and Alaska. 

Take in the natural beauty of Anchorage by renting a bike or going on a walk on the Tony Knowles trail.

Depending on the day you are in Anchorage, I’ve spent hours listening to live music, walking past street vendors, and eating great food options.

The Anchorage Downtown Partnership hosts events during the summer. There you can find local artists and goods. For details about future events you can visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AnchorageDowntownPartnership

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