Steve Madden Suitcase

Recently my mom purchased the Steve Madden Global Collection Luggage Set. I’ve only used skate wheels when traveling and was skeptical about using a suitcase with spinner wheels.

To see my initial thoughts about our Steve Madden suitcases and what came with them, watch the review I did below.


The debut trip for these lovelies was our August 2018 seven-day Southern Caribbean cruise with our family. Together we used the large, medium, and carry-on sizes. My mom packed in the large, I packed in the medium, and we both had items in the carry-on. When we got to the airport her bag was overweight by four pounds and we had to reshuffle items before checking them in. Luckily, we had packing cubes and that made it easy to move items from her bag to mine.
How did our suitcases handle themselves going from Alaska to Puerto Rico? Better than I thought they would.

Steve Madden Suitcase in Puerto Rico Review

If you decide to buy the Global Collection Suitcases I have a few tips for you.

Remove the tassels before you check your bag in. The last thing you want is for your gorgeous tassels to get ripped off.
Use your shoe bags. This will help you keep your suitcase clean.
Use packing cubes to stay organized.

What is your favorite suitcase? Leave a comment below.

Carry-On21.5 in14.0 in9.0 in
Medium25.5 in16.2 in11.7 in
Large29.5 in18.2 in12.8 in
Tote18.0 in12.0 in10.0 in

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