Why Did I Start Travel With Lady??

I get a lot of questions from friends and family about cruising and traveling. So far, I’ve been on 14 cruises and made it to 34 countries by the age of 25. Check out the updated list of  Places I’ve Been.

To be completely honest, I have mixed feelings about blogging. I love to read blogs, but the idea of having my own blog scares me a little. I never liked my writing classes in school and I have so many questions floating around in my head.

Will anyone want to read what I have to say? Will my experiences impact someone else’s life in a positive way? Will I be able to give my friends the confidence they need to start their own adventures and finally go on the trip they said they’ve been dreaming about for years?

After weighing the pros and cons I realized that many more people would go on an adventure if they had a friend to guide them along the way.

For example, my mom has dreamed of exploring Europe for most of her life but had never gone. When I went to Europe on a tour with two friends and had the best time. After showing my mom all of the fun things I had done, we took a three-week trip and visited seven European countries.

All she needed was a friend to guide her along
Photo of my mom and me in Paris

By having someone who had been to the countries she had dreamed of visiting, she gained the confidence she needed to explore Europe. (Now she’s hooked and can’t wait until we can go again)

The purpose of this blog is to help you find the confidence to take your next trip and inspire you along the way.

Sometimes I have to laugh at life because right after deciding I would want to try blogging there were several things that went wrong on my first couple of trips. The mistakes I’ve made or experiences will also be included because things don’t run smoothly all of the time.

I am so excited to enjoy this journey with you!

with love, Lady

What is the #1 place on your bucket list?
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  1. The #1 place on my list is Italy! Their love of being passionate about things you enjoy is something that has always me attracted to the country. Plus, the language is so beautiful! I can then travel to my #2-5 since they are on the same continent!!!

  2. Being your Aunt, I’ve had the awesome privilege of hearing first hand your vivid experience in Europe with your friends and later with your mom! Ive ALWAYS wanted to go there & you have heightened my interest!! So, with that said Lady, its Europe!!

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